Summer Wells human remains found

The Case of the Summer Wells Human Remains Found Near Sacramento and Nashville TN

The Summer Wells human remains found near Sacramento and Nashville TN is a baffling case that still continues to baffle investigators. It has been one year since the mysterious remains were discovered and yet there has been little progress in the case.

Who are summer wells human remains found?

summer wells remains found, a five-year-old child from Tennessee, missing since June 2021. summer wells family trusts she may kidnaped. However, they have yet to find any evidence to support this theory.

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation


The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has been collaborating with the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office on the case, and is working to determine the truth behind summer’s disappearance. This week, investigators received more than a thousand tips on what happened to Summer. Some of these tips have already turned up positive.

According to a special agent of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, investigators initially focused on identifying the driver of a white Toyota pickup truck that spotted Summer near her home. In fact, the department has investigated every possible scenario, but it has not been able to identify the truck’s exact date and time of appearance.

$40,000 reward Announced for given information

As a result, officials have pushed the investigation to another angle. Investigators have now announced that they have obtained a tip from a Red Pickup Truck Driver, which could lead to a $40,000 reward for information summer wells human remains found.

Summer Wells Appearance

Summer Wells Human Remains Found
Summer Wells Appearance

When five-year-old summer wells human remains found was last seen in June, she was wearing a pink shirt and gray pants. She weighed about 40 pounds and had blue eyes. She was three feet tall and had long hair

Summer wells human remains found missing date

summer wells remains found, a five-year-old girl, went missing from her home in Hawkins County, Tennessee, on June 15 of this year. She was wearing a pink shirt and gray pants when she disappeared. At the time of her disappearance, she was three feet tall and weighed 40 pounds.

There have been a number of reports that indicate foul play may have played a part in her disappearance. Law enforcement officials are looking for a 1998-2000 maroon or red Toyota Tacoma with a ladder rack. They also want to speak to the driver of the vehicle.

Summer Father and Mother

Summer Wells human remains found
Summer Father and Mother

Wells family have been trying to locate her ever since she vanished. Her father Donald Wells wrote a letter to her captors, pleading for her to return to them. But, so far, no proof of her abduction has been found.

Summer wells human remains found investigation

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) is now working with the FBI to investigate her disappearance.

TBI Special Agent Jeff Johnson said the case is not over yet. They are still investigating foul play. He also revealed investigators cannot say for sure when a truck appeared near summer’s home. But they did identify several points of interest in the area.

Officials searched square acres range

Law enforcement officials have searched 5,000 square acres of the mountain range, including a search of a helicopter. Hawkins County Sheriff Ronnie Lawson said his department has done “everything humanly possible” to find Summer.

Social media rumors

During the investigation, the TBI received over 1,000 tips. Many of them came from social media platforms. In response, the TBI has asked for the public not to submit tips based on social media rumors. It is also examining the circumstances surrounding the discovery of the human remains.

Prayer garden


A prayer garden was set up for the missing girl at the church nearby her home. It is surrounded by balloons and flowers. The family is grateful for the support they have received.

Summer wells human remains found near sacramento ca

The child was last seen outside of her rural Tennessee home. At the time,. It was reported to the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office at 6:30 p.m.

Summer wells human remains found near sacramento ca

Since then, Summer has not been seen again. Investigators have searched her home and the area surrounding it. They have questioned neighbors and others who were at her home before she went missing. This case has been going on for almost six months. There has been no evidence that she was abducted. However, foul play may have been involved.

While the investigation is still ongoing, investigators have made some strides. A new tip has led them to a potential new location for Summer’s remains.

The TBI confirmed that they received an Endangered Child Alert for Summer. This alert was issued on June 15. In addition to the alert, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation issued a “foul play” investigation.

Summer wells human remains found near nashville tn

The human remains of summer wells remains found found near Mount Pleasant, Tennessee. Summer’s parents have never been interviewed by police, and authorities have yet to identify the remains. Earlier this month, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) said they had “no evidence” of Summer’s abduction.

summer wells human remains found near nashville tn

The TBI is collaborating with the FBI and Hawkins County Sheriff’s Department. The agencies have combed five miles of rugged terrain in an attempt to find the missing girl. They have been searching in Beech Creek, the community where Summer’s mother, Rose Marie Wells, lives.

On June 16, the TBI issued an AMBER Alert for the 5-year-old. A reward of up to $40,000 is being offered for any information that leads to her return. As of Sunday, the TBI has received 137 tips. It also said it was continuing to look into possible foul play in the case.

Is summer wells human remains case still pending


It’s been over six months since summer wells remains found, a 6-year-old girl from Beech Creek, Tennessee vanished without a trace. Her missing person’s syndrome has left her family and community alike feeling bereft. And despite the efforts of law enforcement, there have been few gimmicks in the way of new leads.

The most important question remains: what happened to Summer? And what was her last known location?

Since there is no concrete evidence of her abduction, there is still no telling what really happened to her. She weighed 40 pounds at the time of her disappearance.

Several agencies have taken part in the search for Summer, including the local sheriff’s department, Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office, state and federal agencies and the local and national charities. The largest influx of tips yielded much in the way of results,

Information regarding Summer Moon-Utah Wells, you are cordially invited to call the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office at 615-545-8700.

A thorough investigation into the case will likely yield more answers than questions, but the family and the community are in for a long winter.

Summer Wells case remains mystery 1 year later

The Summer Wells case remains a mystery almost one year after the child’s disappearance from the Hawkins County home she shared with her parents. Investigators have searched the home and the surrounding area, but have yet to find the 6-year-old. Thousands of tips received.

In the last year, several large-scale searches conducted in the area. Church Hill Rescue Squad set up a reward summer wells human remains found for information leading to the discovery of Summer. An Amber Alert issued on June 16.

There have been more than 170 formal interviews, but there has been no evidence of an abduction. A TBI FAQ sheet answers some common questions.

The department said it has collected potential digital evidence. They also questioned other people who stayed in the Wells’ home before Summer went missing. These people include Summer’s older cousins.

There have been three large-scale searches. Crews returned to Beech Creek in December for two days of planned searches.


The investigation into the summer wells human remains found case is still ongoing. The TBI is working in conjunction with the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office to find out what happened to the young girl.

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