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regina rajchrtová & the Korda Family

During her career, Regina Rajchrtová was ranked as high as 26 on the World Tennis Rankings. She also represented the Czechoslovakia at the Seoul 1988 Summer Olympics.

regina rajchrtová height

  • regina rajchrtová height is 6ft 3 inches and weighs 72 kg

Detail: Amongst the millions of tennis players who grace the courts of the ATP, WTA, and WTA Tour, there is a slim chance that you have heard of Regina Rajchrtová. Nevertheless, she is a Czech sportswoman who has won several accolades in her long and storied career. regina rajchrtová height is estimated to be 6 feet 3 inches. She is married to the tennis tycoon Petr Korda. They have three children, including a pair of teenagers. They also have a substantial property in Los Angeles, California, USA. They are not socially active and have not embraced the latest social networking sites, but they are a family.

regina rajchrtová feat

The most impressive feat of her long and storied career was reaching the quarterfinals of the French Open in 1990. Her other feats included a career high ranking of 26 in 1991 and the aforementioned French Open victory. She is also credited with driving the Skoda Octavia, a car that costs more than 38,940 euros in today’s market.

  • regina rajchrtová professional tennis career of just over a decade, she has managed to amass a sizable fortune. As of October 2016,
  • She is married to the tennis tycoon, Petr Korda, and they have three children.

How old is Regina Korda?

Among the slew of celebrity celebs, it’s hard to ignore the sports-minded family of Sebastian Korda, a Canadian ice hockey player who has a well-earned reputation for being a player’s player. His parents, Petr and Regina, are also accomplished athletes.

  • The two of them have a combined net worth of about $5 million.
  • They have three children, including two daughters.
  • They live in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Despite his parents’ professional status, Korda has avoided any social media sites. He’s also not on Twitter or Instagram.

(For more information: regina rajchrtová younger brother is a professional tennis player.)

In the ice hockey world, Athanasiou was part of the gold medal winning team at the 2011 U-17 World Hockey Challenge. He also played for the Detroit Red Wings for almost five years. He currently plays for the Los Angeles Kings.

Although the hockey player has not revealed his dating history, he has a good reputation for being a sportsman. He has a long line of athletes in his family, including his mother, an international tennis player, and his younger brother, a professional tennis player. He started his sporting career at age three, playing junior ice hockey. He is also one of the youngest players in the league.

Who is Peter Korda married to?

During his professional tennis career, Petr Korda reached four Grand Slam finals. He was a two-time runner-up in the 1992 French Open and he won the boys’ doubles title at the French Open in 1985. He is a former world No. 2 and his net worth is estimated at $9 million as of 2021.

Czech Republic’s Hopman Cup team

Korda first came to the attention of the tennis world as a promising junior player. He was a member of the Czech Republic’s Hopman Cup team in 1994 and won the men’s doubles title at the Australian Open in 1996.

His mother is a former Czech tennis player, and his younger brother is a tennis player as well. His sister is a professional golfer. His father is a former tennis coach. The Korda family has had a lot of success for decades.

His wife, Regina Rajchrtov, is also a former tennis player. She played for the Czech Republic at the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul and her career was marked by a record of 143-98 in singles, 82-82 in doubles, and a world ranking of 26.

Korda and Rajchrtov are married and have three children. One of their children, Nelly Korda, has won her first major, the Australian Open, and she is set to compete in the Olympics in Tokyo in 2020.

regina rajchrtová net worth

  • regina rajchrtová net worth is estimated at $5 million.

During her career, Regina Rajchrtov has accumulated a considerable fortune. She is one of the most renowned and talented Czechoslovakian tennis players. She is also known for her successful golf career.

  • regina rajchrtová was born in Havlickuv Brod, Czechoslovakia on February 5, 1968.

She is currently residing in Los Angeles, California, USA.. She has blonde hair. She was born into a middle-class family.

During her career, regina rajchrtová won many trophies. She also competed for the Czechoslovakian national team at the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, Korea. She also represented Czechoslovakia at the 1985 U-16 European Championships in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Career Record

regina rajchrtová began playing tennis at a very young age. She has a career record of 143-98 in singles and 82-82 in doubles. She reached her career high ranking of 26 on April 1, 1991. She had a total career prize money of $353,866.

In addition to her professional tennis career, she also earned substantial revenue from her career as a golfer. regina rajchrtová has won 7 time on the L.P.G.A tour. She also competed on the women’s golf competition at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. She earned a gold medal.

petr korda family

Having a successful career as a professional tennis player, Petr Korda and his wife regina rajchrtová have three children. Their children include Jessica, Nelly and Sebastian. They moved to Bradenton, Florida when Petr retired from the courts.

  • Petr Korda started his professional tennis career at the age of 19. In 1985

He won the Junior French Open Boys Doubles at Paris. He also won a Challenger-level tournament in Quimper, France. He later went on to represent the Czech Republic.

  • He was ranked in the top 10 for a while.

During his vocation, Petr Korda was ranked in the world’s top two for a while. He reached the finals of the French Open at Roland Garros in 1990. He also won the Australian Open in 1993. He also reached the top three in the men’s singles at the French Open in 1992.

Under 18 ranked

When Petr was 18, he started playing tennis for Sparta Prague. He eventually made the Czech team at the Seoul Summer Olympics in 1988. He was ranked in the top 30 in the world for a few years before he retired from tennis. He was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia. He has two elder sisters. He is currently living in Bradenton, Florida.

petr korda net worth

Despite being a professional tennis player, Petr Korda has been able to earn a good sum of money from his career. In fact, the former top 30 player’s net worth is estimated to be between $8 and $9 million.

Petr Korda is an excellent tennis player who started his professional career in 1987. In his career, he has won many cups and championships.

In fact, he was able to make a total of $10,448,900 from his professional career. In addition, he has also played in a number of team events and tournaments.

Petr Korda has won a number of titles in both singles and doubles.

In addition, he has also been able to reach the quarter finals in the US Open in 1997. He has also been able to reach the semi finals in the Davis Cup in 1996. In addition, he has also been lucky enough to win the prestigious Grand Slam Cup in 1993. He has also been able to win the Australian Open in 1998.


Petr Korda is a 53-year-old tennis player who lives in Monte Carlo, Monaco. He is married to his wife, regina rajchrtová . They have three children. Besides tennis, Petr Korda is also a coach for Czech players.

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