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How Ghost Hunting Has Evolved Over the Years

The official beginnings of paranormal research in the modern context began through a conversation between two gentlemen in London. The physicist William F. Barrett and journalist Edmund Rogers were speaking in 1881 when they came up with the idea for the Society for Psychical Research. It became an official institution the year after.

From that time onward, there have been many enthusiasts and self-acclaimed professionals who have conducted paranormal research. Over the years, the methods of ghost-hunting have changed in many ways, while others have remained for thousands of years!

In this short read, we’ll explore how ghost hunting has evolved. We’ll do this by focusing on some intriguing modern ghost-hunting tools, and one very old one. So sit back, turn the lights low, and read on.

Spirit Boxes

Spirit or “Franks” boxes are devices that skip rapidly between AM radio channels. The idea is in the buzzing, hissing, and whining of radio static, you might be able to identify the sound of a ghost trying to communicate with you with words and phrases.

Frank Sumption created the spirit box in 2002. He created 180 spirit boxes, but now it seems there are a lot fewer in existence. Ghost hunters might say that you need to spend a long time listening for bone-chilling other world communications.

Learn more here if you want to try a modern version of the spirit box in app form. If you dare?

EMF Meters

EMF meters are common day tools that people use to discover faults in power lines and electrical wiring in general. The tool identifies whether there is an electrical current or not.

But what’s more intriguing is it will differentiate between stationary and moving electrical signals. This means the earth’s magnetic field won’t interfere with any potential supernatural electrical signals coming your way!

Any serious ghost hunter will include an EMF radar in their toolkit. You may have even seen TV shows where they pick up unexplainable electrical signals coming from the creepiest of locations (in the dark, of course).

Dowsing Rods

We’ll finish by looking at a tool that’s potentially been around for millennia. We assume this because archeologists have found pictures of what look like dowsing rods in Ancient Egypt and China!

These ancient tools are L-shaped and some people believe they offer a way to communicate with the dead. People have also used dowsing rods in the past to try and find jewels, water, and even dead bodies!

The idea is you hold the bottom of the “L” in the L-shape and then let mysterious unseen forces guide you to what you are looking for. And it’s incredible to think that even Albert Einstein had something serious to say about these tools!

Ghost-Hunting Tools Explained

We’ve now looked at three well-known ghost-hunting tools that might lead you into paranormal territories.

There are many modern-day equivalent spirit boxes you can check out these days. Plus, it should be easy to get hold of an EMF meter, even in app form. Dowsing rods are easy to make or you can order them online.

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