All Video Editing Structures You Need in Filmora Video Editor

If you are a beginner, you should try Wondershare Filmora. This free video editing tool has all the features you need to create your own professional-looking videos. This editor allows you to change the quality of playback and export to various video formats. It can also adjust the quality of clip playback, so you can preview your edited video on a lower resolution. Filmora also allows you to work with proxy media files, which are smaller in data and lower in resolution. Once you’ve finished editing your video, you can export the full-sized clip as well.

Wondershare Filmora X

Filmora X comes with a wide array of advanced video editing features. You can choose between dark and light skins and even create custom LUTs. There are also over 300 special effects and objects, transitions, and music effects. With the easy-to-use editing window, you can easily edit any video. For even more advanced editing, you can also add a green screen to your video, apply a background color or music, and more.


Moovly is a popular training video creation software that integrates well in an eLearning environment. The program is based on animations, and it has a wide range of tools for users to customize and enhance their videos. The software also allows users to automate video creation by aligning their content with template and stock footage. A free plan is available, and paid plans begin at $8.25/mo.


InVideo is a free, web-based video editing application with a wide range of features that makes it easy to create compelling videos. It has an extensive library of 8M royalty-free images and video clips to choose from, as well as powerful tools for creating text and story blocks. The editor is also available in both English and Spanish, and it offers 24/7 live support. To use InVideo, simply drag and drop media files on the canvas.

Easy Mode

Filmora Video Editor has two different modes – Full Feature and Easy Mode. The former puts the user in charge, and allows for a more personal touch while the latter is more autopilot – creating a video by importing clips, choosing a music track, and choosing a programmed theme. Let’s compare both modes. Which one should you use? Read on to find out! *Easy Mode: It’s easier to edit videos than Full Feature Mode!

This image is taken form Wondershare Filmora

Color Matching

If you’d like to make a video that matches your source image, then color matching in Filmora Video Editor is a powerful tool to use. Simply import videos into the software and drag them to the timeline. Then, enable the color matching function in the filmora video editor. You can then use the reference video as your target image to make changes to your original video. Here are some steps to help you get started:


When editing videos in Filmora, you can copy and paste video editing features from other programs. You can do this by selecting a video clip and then right-clicking on it and selecting “Copy”. This will allow you to duplicate the video and edit it as if you were editing it in the original application. It also allows you to use picture-in-picture editing. However, this process can take a while because the clip will not appear the same way on different screens.


Adding keyframes to a video is easy in Filmora Video Editor. Open the dedicated window for this purpose and click the Customize tab. From here, select the desired preset or drag it into the timeline. You can also select different animation options from the Preset menu and edit the keyframes to suit your requirements. Once you have added keyframes, you can zoom in or out, position or zoom your video.

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