College Dorm Parties

Ideas for College Dorm Parties

College students look forward to throwing an unforgettable college dorm party as one of the rites of passage. There’s no better way to celebrate an occasion or simply unwind from college stress than to let loose with your friends – and everyone else they brought. Here are the main essentials to throwing a party you will never forget if you’re short on ideas.



You should first choose a time and date that won’t conflict with anything else big on College. If a huge bar crawl is taking place, don’t try to throw a party the same night. It might be a good idea to throw your party as a go-to spot after a sporting event, but make sure your party does not conflict with other campus events.


Promoting is the next step! It wouldn’t be a party without people. Don’t forget to share the call on social media. Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat (if you haven’t deleted your app) are your best options for reaching classmates (since no one uses Facebook anymore). Create a hashtag with your room number or address and post the details to your story. You can have more control over who shows up to your epic party if you prefer not to invite yourself.


Do not just invite girls or guys, you need a good mix of both. Invite as many girls as you can because girls always bring friends, and guys do the same. Get as many people together as you can.

When it comes to who shows up, you’re gonna get a few randos and tag-alongs. Being an awesome party host comes with the territory. People will hear through the grapevine, their besties from the next college will show up, and that guy from French 101 will eat all the snacks. Don’t be surprised if everything balloons – in a good way.

Hosting Duties

Let’s face it, you’ll have some wallflowers at your party at first, so try to chat with everyone who shows up-after all, they didn’t have to! Don’t be afraid to show your appreciation, even if you don’t know them or don’t think highly of them, and introduce them to people who can make them feel comfortable.

  • You can tell jokes, take song requests, make fun announcements, challenge guests to games, anything you want! Now is the time to have some fun with everyone and get them to have fun with you as well. All of a sudden everything seems ten times more fun after everyone has let loose a bit.
  • Don’t be afraid to play a few games: Drinking games, giant Jenga, cards, and more are popular game options that will get your guests interacting and having fun. It may be a good idea to move the furniture so no one knocks into your lamp and to leave room for people to mingle and dance.
  • Designate a friend to act as a lookout/bouncer to prevent the party from getting crashed or shut down early. If things get out of control, this person can restore order so everyone can still have fun. They can also ensure that the venue doesn’t exceed its capacity or violate any music rules.

Last but not least, have fun! Once the party starts, be present and meet new people, don’t put a lot of pressure on yourself, and see what happens. It won’t be long before everyone’s inbox is overflowing with questions about the next event.

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