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Advantage of Moving Mountains Recovery Drug Alcohol Rehab 2022

Moving Mountains Recovery offers a range of levels of care from partial hospitalization to day treatment. The facility also provides detox services through partners. The facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art workout equipment, rock climbing gyms, snowboarding, and hiking. To improve the quality of life for patients, they provide access to outdoor adventures. While there are few facilities in this state that provide such an extensive range of activities, the facilities are very effective in helping people get clean and sober.

Addiction treatment program

If you’re considering a residential addiction treatment program, consider the advantages of a Moving Mountains Recovery program. This program offers a variety of levels of care, ranging from partial hospitalization to day treatment. It also offers detox services through partner facilities. Patients will benefit from access to state-of-the-art fitness facilities, rock climbing gyms, and other recreational activities. Patients can also take advantage of the facility’s hiking and snowboarding trails.

Philosophy Incorporates

This treatment center offers an individualized approach to rehabilitation and utilizes the most recent research and evidence-based practices to tackle the causes of addiction. Its treatment philosophy incorporates an adventure therapy model and holistic approaches to address the root causes of addiction. The rehab facility’s staff members are dedicated to providing individualized care and a healing environment that allows patients to feel comfortable and secure. Patients will be monitored closely by a team of trained professionals who will identify and address their individual needs.

Adventure Therapy

The purpose of adventure therapy is to increase clients’ self-esteem, develop their interpersonal skills, and foster a sense of identity. Through the challenging nature of the experience, clients are pushed to confront their fears and overcome them. Adventure therapy also encourages healthy cognitive changes, such as accepting others and forming bonds. The most common activities that are part of adventure therapy include rock climbing, rafting, and BASE jumping. The benefits of adventure therapy are many.

Group Therapy

Many people who seek recovery find that adventure therapy helps them achieve self-esteem, increase their sense of community, and strengthen their bonds with peers. Because most adventure therapies are conducted in groups, they can spark behavioral changes. Moreover, clients are required to work together as a team, rely on others, and build trust. These benefits, combined with increased physical and social well-being, can make adventure therapy a valuable treatment tool.

Benefits of Sports

An adventure sport can be as simple as running or as challenging as skydiving. For some, it is the ideal method to get back in shape and stay sober. It also gives the person an outlet for their inner passion. The benefits of adventure sports are endless. Many famous sober athletes have found sobriety through adventure sports, including Jeff Thomas, Alexander Chesher, and Myles Beck. In addition to providing sobriety, these activities have a positive impact on mental health.

Behaviors & Overcome

Addiction treatment is complex. Many people who need to overcome their addictions must learn how to manage their behaviors and overcome their fears. The Moving Mountains Recovery team can help them achieve this by combining various holistic approaches with adventure therapy. In addition to offering individualized treatment plans for each client, the center is also committed to finding the underlying issues that have contributed to their substance abuse and addiction. Whether the issue is substance abuse or mental health, addiction recovery can be difficult and stressful.

Holistic approach

A holistic approach to recovery is an important part of Moving Mountains Recovery philosophy. Moving Mountains Recovery emphasizes a focus on the whole body to achieve optimal function. In addition to physical therapy, the program incorporates a variety of activities like hiking and rock climbing to help patients get out of their rooms and move mountains. Patients will also be able to participate in a variety of recreational activities, including yoga and meditation. A holistic approach to moving mountains recovery focuses on the body’s ability to heal itself.


The philosophy of holistic health has been around for centuries. Holistic medicine looks at the person as a whole, including the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Holistic therapy uses a variety of techniques to heal the mind, body, and spirit. Drug abuse damages the entire person: physically, socially, and emotionally. Good drug treatment facilities will combine traditional therapies with holistic therapies to help the person recover. For this reason, holistic therapy is essential for the recovery process.

Level of care

The Moving Mountains Recovery is a reputable rehab center that specializes in treating addiction. The facility is fully licensed and offers strict admission criteria. Its treatment program includes several levels of care, and staff to patient ratios are appropriately proportioned. The staff at Moving Mountains Recovery will work with patients to create a program that works for them. They will work closely with clients to identify their unique needs and help them reintegrate into society.


The program started in the year 1995 as a result of a “Climb for a Cause” in Washington. It was a way to raise awareness of spinal cord injuries. After the Washington event, Eric Larson, a paraplegic, proposed a similar challenge in Illinois. This group was a nonprofit organization, and participants fund its efforts. Today, the program has grown to become one of the largest fundraisers in the country.

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