WWE Twitter

Is WWE Twitter Worth Following?

Is WWE Twitter worth following? This is an important question that fans should ask themselves, as the company seems to be dry-huming its fans with trending topics and tweets during every quarter-hour. Vince McMahon, aka The Authority, isn’t particularly subtle in his messaging, so you can only guess at the WWE’s intentions. He may simply ignore the Twitter feed, or he may ban mentions on TV or in talent relations. After all, when Twitter first started, it was UFC and WWE banned it, too!

WWE Twitter

If you’re a fan of WWE, you’ve probably checked out their Twitter accounts. These accounts are filled with fan interaction and content from the wrestling company’s superstars. If you’re not yet following the WWE on Twitter, you should start now! The social media team of the company offers tips to its personalities on how to use Twitter effectively. Learn how to engage fans and deal with trolls, and how to live-stream their shows.

WWE has an account for almost every superstar, and it promotes their account during matches. This has resulted in high follower counts and trending topics worldwide. The popularity of WWE Twitter has made the company one of the most popular sports brands on social media, with millions of viewers tuning in to each match. You can follow your favorite star on Twitter and interact with him or her in real-time! Follow WWE on Twitter to stay in touch with your favorite wrestlers!

WWE Twitter
Is WWE Twitter Worth Following?

Raw results WWE Twitter

WWE fans were angry about the RAW performance. While most fans enjoyed the match, some fans argued about the lack of storylines and the quality of the show. While fans have speculated about Money in the Bank 2022, it doesn’t seem to be coming any closer. This Twitter reaction shows why the WWE isn’t doing as well as it should. Follow the reaction of WWE fans on Twitter. Hopefully, this trend continues.

Smack down Results WWE Twitter

The Twitter hashtag #WWETwitterSmackDown has become an essential part of the WWE Twitterverse, as fans can follow the latest developments on the show. On this episode, the show is set to feature Natalya, who will challenge WWE Women’s Champion Liv Morgan. In an earlier version of the episode, Drew McIntyre was slated to face Sheamus in the main event. But she is now claiming that she isn’t the one who made Rousey tap out. In addition, the main event will feature the current Undisputed Universal Champion, Roman Reigns, facing off with Brock Lesnar.

Following this year’s SmackDown, a lot of attention was given to Roman Reigns, who sounded confident ahead of SummerSlam. Heyman also argued that Lesnar is most dangerous when backed into a corner and Reigns has to pull out all the stops in order to put him down for good. Meanwhile, an interruption in the program was made when the Money in the Bank briefcase was opened, held by Matt Riddle and Theory.

WWE Twitter
This image is taken from Twitter

The Evolution of WWE Twitter

If you’re a fan of WWE, you’ve probably seen the evolution of their twitter account. The account was created on this date. The evolution report shows 15 recent entries and monitors growth parameters. The numbers show that the following of this WWE Twitter account has fluctuated in recent days. It’s worth taking a look at the most recent evolution report for this account. There are some notable trends you can find on their Twitter feed.

Hacked Account

The account was hacked last week during the episode of The Bump. This is consistent with the company’s hacker gimmick. Interestingly, Kevin Owens started the argument from a place of weakness. Another example of a Twitter account being hacked is AJ Lee’s tweets about Stephanie McMahon. AJ Lee called out the WWE Twitter for treating women badly, and Stephanie McMahon was not defensive. These tweets helped mold the women’s division in the WWE.

WWE SmackDown star Shotzi’s account

A recent example of this trend involves WWE Twitter SmackDown star Shotzi’s account. Shotzi deleted her Twitter account in response to a series of vitriolous comments posted by trolls. Twitter was full of criticism of the former NXT Women’s Tag Team Champion after the Money In The Bank pay-per-view. She received criticism for trolling and making jokes about other wrestlers and matches. Fans are worried that she’ll go on to develop her own brand online.

Pro-wrestling audience

The move by WWE Twitter to reveal the names of competitors on Twitter didn’t sit well with a large segment of the pro-wrestling audience. While pro wrestling is a competitive sport and requires logic, it should not be based on emotions. Fans of pro wrestling should follow the logic. And if the change is intended to improve their fan base, then there’s no better time than now to begin pushing it. If you want to be part of the conversation, follow the hashtags from the WWE.

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