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World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (commonly abbreviated to WWE) is an American professional wrestling promotion and business. While it is based in the United States, the company has also expanded its business beyond wrestling to include other fields like American football and other business endeavors. As part of its diversification efforts, WWE has been involved in the development of a number of new products, including clothing and other merchandise. Here is a brief history of WWE.

AJ Styles holds Smackdown’s WWE World Championship

AJ Styles holds Smackdown”s WWE World Championship. This is a record that is surprisingly good considering his background. The two-time Super Indy Champion has never actually lost his championship. He has better IWC records, but it is not due to his overseas tours or time in TNA. This match was also seen as a clean victory by Styles, as he defeated John Cena without committing a single error.

AJ Styles made his WWE debut at the Royal Rumble, where he pinned Ambrose with a low blow while the referee was not looking. He has since won the title on various independent platforms, including the IWGP, NWA, and TNA. This is a record AJ Styles will certainly not easily break. The former IWGP, TNA, and NWA World Champion has become one of Smackdown‘s biggest stars.

Samoa Joe and AJ Styles were once rivals in TNA. However, the former TNA star has been wrestling in the WWE for a decade, so this feud between the two was hardly a surprise. The two men had feuded for years in TNA, and in the fall of 2016, they went head-to-head in a rivalry. Their feud was also notable for bringing in the Styles family.

AJ Styles, not to be confused with Joey Styles, is a super strong wrestler. His technical chops and in-ring prowess have won him accolades across multiple platforms. He was even a lawnmower driver and ambulance driver during high school. His passion for the sport led him to go to college and earn his degree at Anderson University, which he later went on to finish.

AJ Styles defeated Kay Lee Ray at NXT TakeOver 36

After losing the previous two NXT TakeOver shows to Dexter Lumis and Kay Lee Ray, AJ Styles took on Waller for the title at NXT TakeOver 36. Waller won after exposing the turnbuckles of Styles. AJ Styles also confirmed that he and Waller will meet live next week. Whether the two will actually meet is yet to be seen.

Rae made her debut in May 2009 as Kay Lee Ray. She wrestled for Southside Wrestling Entertainment (SWE) and became the Speed King and Queen Of Southside champion in August 2014. After a three-year stint with SWE, Ray worked for Preston City Wrestling, Pro Wrestling EVE and Premier British Wrestling. She later worked for the World of Sport Wrestling, where she won the vacant title three times.

The main event was a tag team match. Kay Lee Ray were paired up. After a Chingona Bomb, Kay Lee Ray was sent to the corner. Kay Lee Ray appeared from NXT UK and confronted Grayson Waller. After the match, Kay Lee Ray were thrown out. They were later forced to leave the ring after the match due to Kay Lee Ray’s injury.

Following a very exciting match, Kay Lee Ray is eliminated from NXT. The match was the first of the women’s division’s developmental division, and is expected to become more prominent in the future. The NXT TakeOver 36 Kick-Off Show will start at 7:30 PM EST. The live results will be available on this page as well. Fans are encouraged to leave comments on the page.


Defeated Noam Dar on NXT UK

Noam Dar is a man with a reputation for getting himself into trouble. He defeated Nathan Frazier in the British Rounds Match on Saturday, but picked the wrong opponent. Sha Samuels put him on the card and it ended up getting him beaten by WALTER. But the real problem is that Noam Dar has a reputation for getting himself into trouble. Let’s look at the results of his last two matches.

During his first run with ICW, Dar never managed to win the ICW World Heavyweight Title. But that was about to change. Dar became the first ICW World Heavyweight Champion of non-British descent. Born in Israel, he is also the first wrestler of Israeli descent to hold the title in the WWE. His recent stint with WWE has led to him gaining an opportunity to compete on the main roster and gain a bigger audience.

Noam Dar had appeared on the RAW and 205 Live brands in 2017, but had knee surgery in December. He returned to action at NXT UK live tapings in August. In the tournament, he defeated Mark Andrews, Flash Morgan Webster, and Travis Banks. As a result, he has become the number one contender for the United Kingdom Championship. You can see the results of Noam Dar’s last four matches on WWE.

Noam Dar defeated Sam Gradwell in the finals of the NXT UK Heritage Cup on July 7. The fight was no contest for Noam Dar, and he has retained the NXT UK Championship. Defending the NXT UK Championship, Ilja Dragunov will face Rampage Brown, and Meiko Satomura will challenge Xia Brookside for the title.

Defeated Die Familie (Teoman and Rohan Raja) and Mark Andrews and Wild Boar for the vacant titles

On June 22, Defeated Die Familie (Teaman and Rohan Raja) and Mark Andres and Wild Boar for the vacant titles, and the Grizzled Young Veterans retained their titles. Earlier in the night, Defeated Die Familie (Teoman and Rohan Raja) and Mark Andrews and Wild Boar were scheduled to challenge Smith and Carter for the vacant titles. The next two teams were Dave Mastiff & Jack Starz.

Defeated Die Family (Teoman and Rohan Raje) and Mark Andrews & Wild Boar for the vacant UK Tag Team Championships. In the main event, Defeated Die Familie (Teoman and Rohan Raja) and Mark Andrews and Wild Boar for the vacant UK titles.

Defeated Die Familie (Teaman and Rohan Raja) and Mark Andres and Wild Boar for the vacant UK titles. The title matches were announced after Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter lost their titles. The title matches were followed by a four-way elimination match. Briggs & Jensen beat Dave Mastiff & Jack Starz, Mark Andrews & Wild Boar, and Teoman / Rohan Raja.

Defeated The Usos, The Mysterios, and The Mysterios for the unified WWE Tag Team championship. They also defeated Finn Balor at WWE Crown Jewel to replace Baron Corbin as King of the Ring. In April 2019, Digital Spy was named WWE’s first digital magazine, and it offers a free one-month trial.

Defeated The Usos’ United Kingdom Tag Team Titles. They were reunited with The Usos in a four-way match later in the show. The UK Tag Team Titles were also on the line, with “The Unholy Enchantress” Isla Dawn pinning Myla Grace with a half-nelson slam (5:00) and Sareee Fujimura pinning Nina Samuels with a uranagi suplex (5:30).

Defeated Walter at NXT TakeOver

When he first arrived in the WWE, Walter astonished fans by winning the NXT UK Championship. But the bruiserweight was a far more formidable opponent. A rematch between the two men was a hotly anticipated match. It was originally scheduled for NXT TakeOver 36, but due to an injury, the show was pushed back. Walter then went on to lose the NXT UK Championship to Ila Dragunov at NXT TakeOver 36.

In his most recent match, WALTER and Ilja Dragunov battled for the NXT UK championship. WALTER carried the NXT UK title for over 870 days until Dragunov’s win. The bout was slated for October 29, 2020 on NXT UK TV. Both men tore each other apart in a brutal fight, including stiff shots. But as they go head-to-head in NXT TakeOver, the winner will be declared.

Dragunov begins the match on the floor and drags WALTER to the canvas. After a few minutes, WALTER starts stomping on Dragunov, but Dragunov tries to kick him off the mat. However, Dragunov is unable to stand and he is thrown to the floor. As he tries to get back on his feet, WALTER hits him with a devastating chop. Dragunov is then pinned,

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