Melma’s Coffee: More Than Just Coffee

Melma’s  opened in late 2014 with a small but growing roster of coffee options. Originally sourcing coffee from elsewhere, she began roasting her own beans last year. The result is a selection that’s both unique and familiar. It’s an ideal combination of quality and price. But what is it that makes Melma’s unique and worth the wait? Here’s a closer look at the offerings.

Vice & Virtue’s

The name of this coffee shop is a great example of the combination of vices and virtues. The terms are somewhat similar to the ones used by Aristotle, and they both refer to the same mode of operation. While vices result in a deficiency, virtues result in a surplus of energy. The names of these two concepts can make for a great coffee name!


The name “Onyx” derives from the Greek words for finger or claw, and is a reference to the banding that makes the stone look so healthy and rich. According to an ancient Greek myth, Cupid cut his mother’s fingernails, and the nails fell from Mount Olympus into the Indus River, where they turned into the stone we know today. The gemstone has since become a symbol of fidelity, love, and eternal life.

Onyx was once believed to be a demon, which would awaken at night and sow discord between lovers. Today, the stone is considered to be a strong protector from the evil forces that threaten love, and it can help stabilize relationships and break old ones. It anchors flighty individuals into a more stable life and imparts self-control. It also purifies the wearer of bad habits and increases self-control.

Black Onyx is a powerful healer, bringing protection and a sense of strength. It helps you adapt to your environment and boosts your immune system. Onyx is a great choice for entrance points, since it balances energy and soothes flighty souls. It is said that the stone is capable of calming the mind, but you’ll have to choose the right one for your own needs.

A stone named onyx is a semi-precious variety of chalcedony. The name “onyx” comes from the Greek word onux, which means “nail.” As the stone resembles a fingernail, the name is related to the English word “nail.” The agate is the only variety of agate that bears the name. Aside from the stone, Sardonyx also comes in white and red bands.

Simple Merchant

For coffee lovers, there is no better place than Melma’s and the Simple Merchant. Located right next door to Melma’s, this coffee cart serves up craft javas and other coffee treats. The owners, Jordan Durand and Michael Johnson, are both passionate about their coffee and their business. You can follow them on Instagram at @simplemerchantcoffee. Their coffee is so delicious, you’ll be back for more!

Bitty & Beau’s

If you love coffee and are in the Charleston area, Bitty & Beau’s at Melmas is the perfect place to indulge. This offshoot of the popular coffee shop serves up classic coffee shop food with a modern twist. The menu features everything from espresso to sandwiches, as well as sweet treats like cookies and cakes. A subscription to their email list will keep you updated on their sales and other promotions.

MELMA’S has been nearly silent since the pandemic

The duration of the pandemic is still uncertain, and reports of influenza infections continue to rise in the United States. This is likely due in part to a new variant of influenza that is more easily transmitted and less protected by the influenza vaccine. Holiday gatherings also create new opportunities for viral transmission, adding to the feeling of whiplash. Roxane Cohen Silver, a professor of psychology at the University of California, Irvine, says: “This season provides many new opportunities for viral transmission and increases our feelings of whiplash.”

Onyx is a multi-roaster cafe

While you may be thinking that this type of cafe is only for people who enjoy a really great cup of coffee, you’d be wrong. This type of cafe is gaining in popularity in California, and there are plenty of great examples of them. The name “multi-roaster” means that they use multiple sources for their coffee. Because they use many different types of beans, there’s no restriction on the variety of flavors available.

The building where Onyx Coffee operates is an old, 110-year-old building that was formerly a Rogers Wholesale Grocer and later a Dollar Saver variety store that closed in 2015. The owners wanted to use the space to showcase the post-origin aspects of the coffee industry, which is why they offer demonstrations of roasting and cupping. They even have their own baristas, which is a rare thing.

With its multi-roaster coffee, the multi-roaster cafe isn’t just a coffee shop; it is a full-time coffee lab, competing in the US Coffee Championships. It has two national titles, and has too many appearances in the finals to count. In fact, this year, the cafe will host five finals appearances! Onyx Coffee Lab is more than just a cafe – it’s a coffee shop that is a bit too extravagant, and it’s not the usual drive-through type of business.

Fulton started roasting his own coffee

Marcus Fulton was raised in a family of foodies. His father was an Italian chef and business owner. He developed an appreciation for cooking and the desire to open his own business. Roasting coffee involves many of the same skills as cooking, including a sensitive nose, an impeccable palate, and a large dose of intuition. Fulton sees coffee roasting as a creative outlet and he considers himself lucky to be able to provide for his family while engaging in something he loves.

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