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Students find a Study Tour with Ecc-Studienreisen.De, young adults, or professionals, you’ll find an appropriate study tour with These companies offer a wide range of travel destinations and services, and can also organize group trips that are bespoke for educational institutions or churches. These companies provide comprehensive and dicht study tour plans that include everything from accommodation requests to land-based visits.

Ko-Touristik Gmbh

Reisebüros specialize in bespoke group trips for educational institutions and churches. Their Kompakt and preis-efficient study tours are comprehensive and dicht. Customized travel plans may include accommodations requests and land-based visits. In addition to bespoke group trips, these Reisebüros also offer a range of other travel services, such as private tours, language courses, and church and educational institution tours. has an excellent reputation for organizing cultural tours for small groups. Their excellent contacts worldwide enable them to plan a diverse array of trips and tailor them to the individual needs of each group. The company focuses on the cultural diversity of Europe and Asia. Using the latest technology and planning expertise, ECC-Studienreisen is the perfect choice for a cultural trip. is also available for groups of any size. The company caters to different educational institutions and groups, such as universities. ECC also offers specialized cultural tours for church and educational groups, friends, and family groups. The tours are completely tailored to each group’s interests and needs. The company has a large catalog of group trips and welcomes inquiries from interested groups.

Oekumenische Studienreise Gmbh (OEK)

Hotel in Berlin Mitte verfügt over 140 spacious rooms in 2-story buildings. It has an elevator for wheelchair accessibility. A 24-hour front desk provides assistance with tour bookings, bicycle rentals, and luggage storage. The hotel has free Wi-Fi and a tour desk that can assist with local sightseeing. A bicycle rental service is also available. The hotel provides wheelchair accessibility and medical care. The hotel offers free parking.

Oekumenische Studienreise GmbH (OSG) is a German travel company that offers a variety of cultural tours. Founded in 1893 by the Katholische Stadtkirche in Frankfurt, it focuses on mass-customized studies of the Middle East, Greece, and Italy. Since the late 20th century, the company has expanded its offering to offer a diverse range of programs for individuals and church groups.

The ECC-Studienreisen is a partner agency of the German Ecumenical Christian Conference. The agency has over 230 years of experience in organizing study trips and works closely with ECC’s employees and renowned travel guide Ottilie Volkel. The team organizes a variety of study trips, ranging from small group holidays to full-blown group excursions, with a wide range of destinations worldwide.

Partneragentur Von Ecc-Studienreisen has extensive experience in organizing cultural and mass-customized trips for groups and has excellent contacts throughout the world. The travel company has a wide variety of destinations, including Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America. Their trips focus on learning about diverse cultures while ensuring the security of their participants. There are a number of groups that are tailored to their interests and budget. focuses on mass-tailored group travel. The trips are planned with the composition and intentions of the group in mind. As a trusted group contact, the agency has contacts all over the world and is flexible enough to accommodate the individual interests of each group. ECC-Studienreisen is committed to a commitment to responsible, Zuverlassigkeit, and long-term customer satisfaction. bietet flexible group travel solutions to meet the needs of different groups. The agency binds groups by phone or via a server. In addition, it offers group travel solutions through independent travel agents. The company likewise provides a variety of services, such as arranging the travel for groups and planning the event. The ECC-Studienreisen team is happy to answer any questions you may have regarding their services and travel packages.

Reiseziele: Balkan, Kaukasus, Südostasien, Afrika, Arabische Halbinsel Sowie Lateinamerika

In addition to its Mediterranean climate, the Balkans boasts unrivaled cultural diversity. From Baku to the Kaspischen Meer, the region offers the visitor a fascinating mix of cultural and historical sights. You’ll be able to experience mediterranean and lukullische influences in these destinations.

There are numerous options for group travel. Some companies specialize in specific groups. Those who prefer a more personal approach can choose from a diverse range of tours. The German Evangelische Gemeinschaft setzt a strong foundation for its culture and travel planning. The company also offers cultural, christliche, and agrar travel. And if you’re traveling with a group, you can opt for a private tour aimed at individuals, or a cultural or student group.

The UNESCO World Heritage List has given the Balkans a special status, and it is a popular destination for families and groups with young children. Cultural diversity is truly unmatched anywhere else in the world. You can learn about ancient traditions and explore the culture of the locals while sipping on traditional tea and eating locally-grown cuisine.

Preise: Günstig Bis Günstig

Study trips organized by ECC are a unique opportunity to travel with small groups. The tours are tailored to fit the interests and composition of the group, and the professional travel guides provide intensive information. The trips are organized by professional travel operators, who are namhafte Reiseveranstalter. They will be happy to answer all your questions, help you plan your trip, and keep you informed of the conditions of your trip.

Among other things, offers many interesting cultural tours in many countries. In particular, ECC offers exciting programs in lesser-known countries with excellent contacts. The 500-year Reformationsjubileum in Germany has made it a popular destination for cultural travel. The prices range from günstig to cheapest, depending on the length of the tour and the number of participants.

Prices vary according to the itinerary, but you can usually expect to pay a few Euros more than that on other tour operators. This is not a problem because can help you plan your pilgrimage. They are specialized in planning and consulting pilgrimages. If you don’t have a lot of time, this is the perfect way to start planning your trip!

The prices of study trips can be very low, and the company can offer a wide variety of travel. You can choose from a wide selection of hotels, and even choose a private guide to accompany you on your journey. They offer everything from last-minute travel to comprehensive travel packages. They are one of the best places to travel with your group, and they offer many options for a budget-friendly trip.

Kontaktinformationen: Ecc-Studienreisen.De

If you are interested in studying abroad, you will find information on the contact details of ECC-Studienreisen on its website. ECC-Studienreisen is a travel agency specializing in mass-tailored group travel. Every trip is custom-designed with your group’s composition, intentions, and goals in mind. Whether you are looking for a cultural trip or a church-sponsored group excursion, you will find the right contact in the ECC-Studienreisen team.

The website of provides contact information for groups and individuals. The team has decades of experience planning study trips and is happy to answer your questions and help you plan a group trip that fits your needs and budget. It is committed to responsibility and Zuverlassigkeit and values long-term customer satisfaction. The contact information for is below. is a German travel agency that specializes in planning pilgrimages and consulting travelers. The team includes several specialists with expertise in each region. Adriane Dolce is an Incoming Specialist, Tina Beil is a Landerspezialist and Hans Rassek specializes in Schleswig-Holstein. You will be able to book a Rail & Fly Ticket 90 days in advance and have it printed out online. Rail & Fly tickets can be printed out and are refundable, making them a good alternative to normal airfare.

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